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Wardrobe Stylist Scot Louie


Scot Louie was born Erik Scot Thompson. At the young age of 15 his alter ego  or “stage name” as he calls it surfaced. Scot is Erik’s middle name while Louie is his “alter ego”, and that’s how Scot Louie came about. Scot Louie has always been passionate about fashion and fashion design. Thinking fashion designing  was his career he has never quit but he soon realized design was not for him. Still knowing he had a keen eye for fashion/detail, a love for garments, trend and dreams of being amongst the elite in the industry Scot Louie branched out to styling. He immediately began working in the styling industry at 15. Through assisting and making connections, he landed a job with the infamous Danielle Staub of the Real Housewives of New Jersey which in turn gave him a lot of press. Scot Louie still has big dreams of being the next George Kotsiopoulos. Listen out for his name.

Hello again everyone! Today I'd like to introduce you to someone that I've come to call my "little brother from another mother". I still remember the day  that I applied to be his assistant stylist and how excited I was when he told me that he loved the material I sent and all I had to say about my views on my own personal fashion. Not long after, I sat in a state of awe when I discovered that he was only 18 years old and a senior in high school. Which was why he needed me (or an assistant stylist for that matter). Looking at his portfolio, his written material and his credentials, this was a difficult bite of information to swallow. His career had already began and he needed a right hand fashionista to start some projects during his school hours. Then, the adventure began and I discovered a world outside of my own closet, scouring NYC showrooms to find outfits for Danielle Staub and for Erika Hokanson's photo shoot. Scot must have taken a lot of breaks to the boys room to check out all the pics of the gorgeous pieces I found that day, and in the end he made some great outfits with the treasures I found. Now, just a freshman in college, Scottie continues to juggle his educational responsibilities and those of his dream career, and already has left an impression on the industry. I'm so honored to have Scot as a part of CAM and grateful that such a chock full of talent was introduced to me through him for my first blarticle series of Hattitude

Here is my interview with Scot Louie about what has inspired him to do what he does. I hope to see more of him on CAM down the line and share with you his growth on future interviews. Enjoy!

  Interview with Stylist Scot Louie, aka, "The Glaminator"

How long have you be into fashion?
I've been into fashion for a long time now. I began with fashion design at 11 and I soon realized it wasn't for me. I continued my research and began styling with my first gig off Craigslist in 2008. Immediately after, my career took off. It was a blessing in disguise. 

What inspired the path? 

My mother being very fashion forward inspired me to do all that I've ever wanted to do. 

Do you have any fashion idols and if so who?

Of course. Kim Kardashian, Rachel Zoe, Coco Chanel and Brad Goreski. They all have their own unique style. They break the barriers of fashion and re create classics in a whole new light.

What sets you apart from other stylists (not so much in a competitive aspect, but more like what makes you unique and different, what are your focuses in style?)

I believe all stylists are motivated by different things, some a paycheck and some public recognition. Those things are amazing and definitely things I want to achieve, but as a stylist I feel being so young and accomplishing so much makes me very unique. I also think my motivation makes me a unique stylist. As a sophomore in High School I was styling a reality show, attending red carpet events and working in the career field I wanted to be in years later. 

Of all of the projects you have worked on, which do you think reflects the style that you feel is most unique to you? I imagine that often times, when hired by an individual to style them, you must work to find a way to make them look good while catering to their individuality. Do you find that challenging in regards to wanting to remodel them into something/one new or do you look at it as a means of just enhancing who they are?

Well my clients usually have their own sense of style and as a stylist I feel it is my duty to polish and revamp the look of my clients. It's usually a slight battle but as a stylist you must know how to sell the look to your clients, and that is what keeps me going as a stylist. I love the challenge.

Still relative to the above question, would you mind discussing what you love most about styling in A) the above situation, for an individual as an image consultant needing to cater to their individual needs B)Working on your own projects, where you are free to do absolutely whatever you desire, with only your styling needs in mind? 
I do love working with models which allows me to create my own looks without the challenge. But I also love the challenge of styling my clients and persuading them to wear something they generally wouldn't. I like to see a finished look on my clients. Nothing makes me happier.

Now can you see why I enjoy working with this young talent? So young, so motivated, so inspiring. Scroll on down for pics of Scot Louie's work and contact information.

Adrienne Bailon

Ashley LaCamp, accessories all belong to Nifty Thrifty Stylist Closet

Danielle Staub, The Real New Jersey Housewives

Teen Queen Lea Robinson, Leggings by Dareyna Swan of Swarey Designs

Scot Louie
Wardrobe/Fashion Stylist

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