Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hector Lopez’s Kim Kardashian Inspired Body Paint Art

A little over a year ago from today there was a big buzz about Kim Kardashian’s then up and coming cover for W Magazine, where she was supposed to be adorned in body paint art work. I, being both a fan of Kimmie K and Body Paint Art, was looking forward to seeing what the artist came up with for the Fabulous K. Well, when the cover was released, I couldn’t be any more disappointed when I saw that she was simply painted in silver. Her photos came out beautiful and she has a body that I would trade in all of my worldly possessions for, but I already knew that. Therefore, W Magazine wasn’t showing me anything new. Where was the art? Not God’s beautiful creation art, the body paint art?

I immediately contacted my friend Hector Lopez, who had been practicing body paint art for some time, and asked him if he had seen the photos. He had heard about them (I imagine I wasn’t the only one who text blasted him on the topic) and when I suggested he send photos of his work in response to the article, he humbly responded that perhaps the “art” was in the way that the artist created the paint; he didn’t know the details of that particular project, therefore he passed no judgment. So I just did it for him. To me there was no art beyond there being a beautiful woman in silver paint. In the name of art, I wanted him to share his photos with W Magazine. Kind of sort of in retaliation. Forgive me. 

Gorgeous, but where's the city sights artwork?
As time normally does as a service to us, the truth came out. Revealed only a few months later on “Kim and Kourtney Take NYC”, was a crying Kim at the sight of her published photos. “There was supposed to be art work!” she cried. Now I was really upset. Isn’t body paint art supposed to be painted on the body, not digitally placed? I am no expert, but I believe that this is a matter of common sense; I really mean no offense, but not one person in her huge supporting circle thought of this in the midst of the hectic Kardashian business? This all left me with additional disappointment; she was lied to, and I assume digital art was intended to be used to represent body paint art. Both being respectable and amazing forms of art, but still different forms of art. I sent Hector a text again. I wasn’t surprised when I found out that several other fans of his work beat me to him with their laments after seeing this episode of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian’s show. This time, Hector agreed to do a silver paint series and I hopped onto the LIRR in the brick cold to participate at his Brooklyn based home studio.

On a poor man’s budget (meaning only able to buy the paint used on Kim’s shoot and work with whatever available materials were left in the studio), we got to work. Hector decided on a NYC bridges theme and I chose to be the Queensboro Bridge. Hector went for a graffiti inspired style and I am amazed at how Hector can do so much with so little available.  Although I am very bashful about doing these kinds of projects, I really am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Hector, he is among the most professional and talented people I know and he continues to evolve , grow and become even better as an artist. So, though I bashfully present to you the results of our collaboration, I also proudly present it to you because I believe in his work. In the name of and for my love of truth, art and Kim Kardashian, here it is! I feel that if Kimmie K ever decided to do a project like this again, she should insist on Hector Lopez doing the work, imagine what he can do with that budget.

Thanks for reading and look out for more work and an interview with Hector Lopez coming soon on CAM!

Make-up Artist: Lisa Reyes
Artist/Photographer: Hector Lopez
Artist/Photographer Contact: Website & Facebook

A special thanks to Daniela Baldor for proofreading various pieces of this article in the midst of her busy life!

For an example of some amazing digital art, check out my favorite guy Derek Santiago

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